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To assist adolescent girls in their positive transition from adolescence to young adulthood through mentoring, leadership development, sisterhood and exposure to the world of opportunities outside of their communities.


A proactive society of adolescent girls and young women whom take the knowledge and skills afforded them to become confident, ambitious, goal-oriented adults. In which they share their knowledge to continue to foster, guide and empower adolescent girls and women to preserver through life's trials and hardships; creating a SISTERHOOD that does not embody jealousy, envy or self-consciousness- but love, compassion and empowerment.


Foster participants' development of a growth mindset through intervention; Increase participants' self- sufficiency through leadership/ life skills development and multi-dimensional exposure;  Provide participants with knowledge and resources to live proactive lives (including but not limited to health and wellness, higher education, career choices etc.); Transition mentees to mentors and create/ foster life-long sisterhood among participants.


Our most important core competencies consist of initiative, in which ivy league CHICS Inc. will always take the necessary steps to address issues that affect youth directly or indirectly; having the ability to effectively communicate to and with the youth we serve, as well as the ability to communicate with and foster effective teamwork with community based organizations, community leaders, city officials and government agencies in order to advocate for the youth we serve is very important to us; we will always display integrity, reliability, a high level of stress tolerance, and motivation when dealing with the youth we serve and the community as a whole, because we pledge to provide at-risk youth  with consistency, stability and positive role models, which many at-risk youth lack in poverty stricken, gang infested, under-served communities; problem solving and adaptability is an ever evolving competency of ivy league CHICS Inc. as we actively seek proactive resources for the youth and community we serve while monitoring the changes in our industry, funding fluctuations and most importantly the specific needs of our participants, which is why we implemented a board of directors that stay abreast on our market, organize key people, and resources that will effectively and efficiently serve our participants while upholding ivy league CHICS Inc. philosophy, work standards and organizational work climate.



Kiasjha s. White

Kiasjha White, mentor nyc, non-profit, brownsville, brooklyn ny,

Founder, Mentor

Nitsa Chery

Nitsa Chery, MSEd, Mentor, DOE, DYCD, out of school time, after school program, girls

Program Content Developer, Mentor

Lanisha Andrews

Lanisha Andrews, DOHMH, Mentor

Recruitment Specialist, Mentor

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mentor nyc, nyc service, youth, teens, college students, college grads, lawyers, doctors, accountant

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